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Gas Mileage TipsWith the summer months upon us, the average driver tends to put more miles on his or her vehicle…which in turn results in more money spent on gas. So whether you drive an incredibly fuel efficient new car, or an old clunker that’s seen better days, here are a few quick tips to eek every last mile out of your gas tank.

1. Slow it Down.

Slowing down your driving habits will take you a long way in terms of achieving better gas mileage. While it might not sound like the most ideal solution for the lead footed driver buried inside us all, you’d be surprised at what you can achieve by driving a little more conservatively. Test it out for a week. Accelerate a little slower, start to break a little sooner, and drive the speed limit (in reality, driving 5-10 miles over the speed limit doesn’t really save that much time.) After a week, you’ll be surprised at how much you start to save on gas. As a bonus, your more “responsible” method of driving will help to make the roads safer for everyone. We’re not saying to drive 15mph under the speed limit, or to accelerate at a snails pace…just tone it down a little.

2. Check Your Tires.

This one should be a no-brainer, yet is the most often overlooked item when it comes to maintaining better fuel economy. Under inflated tires have a higher resistance to rolling, causing your vehicle to require more gas to keep moving. That 50 cent trip to the air compressor at a gas station could save you tons down the road. The added bonus here? Properly inflated tires will also wear more evenly, helping them to last longer. [More]

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