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Chevy Truck Parade 2010On March 28th, 2010 we held our first annual Chevy Truck Parade here at Heinrich Chevrolet. The event turned out great and we have to say thank you to everyone that came out to attend! All said and done, 231 trucks participated in the parade, helping us to set the world record for the “Largest Parade of Chevy Trucks” while simultaneously raising over $5000 for Niagara Hospice. The event was a glimpse into how dedicated and passionate WNY Chevrolet drivers are, and it made us proud to serve as your Buffalo Chevrolet Dealership.

Starting in Outwater Park, and ending here at Heinrich Chevrolet, the parade lasted for 2.7 Miles and was escorted by the both the NYS Troopers and the local Lockport police (both also driving Chevy Trucks!). All sorts of Chevy drivers were in attendance, with participants traveling from over 8 hours away to attend.

Ever wonder how we deal with all the snow that gets dumped on all of our Chevrolet vehicles in Buffalo? Take a quick look at the video below to get an idea of how we deal with it here at Heinrich Chevrolet.

We’ve just recently set up this blog and we’re excited to start sharing our latest news, photos and videos with you, but first we have to assume that you’d like to know a little bit about us. Rather than sit around and tell you that we’re the best Chevrolet dealership in Buffalo, we’ll let our customers speak for us for us. Click on any of the videos below to listen to some of our recent customers.