The Safe Streets of Lockport

February 19, 2013 | No comments | Car Care, Chevrolet, Chevy, Heinrich Chevrolet

Western New York winters can sometimes make taking a hand off the wheel to attend to a radio less than desirable.  While Chevrolet isn’t only car with controls placed on the steering wheel, it is the the only car manufacturer that offers the MyLink Infotainment System in the dashboard.

The new MyLink system imports cutting edge smart technologies right into your car.  The MyLink system is essentially represented by a 7″ full color touchscreen implanted in the middle of the dashboard.  I would tell you but this screen shows, but I can’t as it is fully customizable to fit your needs.  This portal focuses mainly on three niches entertainment, information and navigation.

While the MyLink is a touchscreen it is also fully-voice controlled, as well as operable from a series of controls embedded into the steering wheel.  Once a driver activates the voice controls they can now ring up any form of sound they like with blue tooth fully integrating Stitcher Smart Radio, Pandora Radio, and even all the songs that you have stored away on your phone, including playlists.

That’s not all, with your voice alone you can also initiate phone calls by barking out a few orders.  All with your hands never leaving the steering wheel, which is significant considering that there are more than a few white knuckle driving experiences to be had during the year in Lockport.  Best of all this system is available in all car models heading into the future.

What are your thoughts on the MyLink Infotainment System?

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